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of Safe Water

Access to Clean Water Saves Lives

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Save Syria's

174 children flee their homes every hour

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Give the Gift
of Hope

 Deeds that will bear fruit for generations

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Give the Gift
of Knowledge

Help us create opportunities for our children's future

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Arsenic Poisoning
Bangladesh Appeal

Your urgent support is needed to help the millions of people affected by Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh.

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Foundation of Future Lecture Series coming soon…inshaa’Allah

The Legacy of the Sahaabas: Standing on the shoulder of giants (the impact of the period of the khulafaa Raashideen on the modern world, and what the Muslim/Non-Muslim world owe to their spectacular efforts). Guest Speaker: Shaykh Murtaza Khan Date: 14 March 2015 Time: After Maghrib 5PM Venue: Darul Ummah Centre, 56 Bigland Street, London E1 2ND. Sisters are welcome!


Our volunteer are at the heart of everything we do. Be part of something deeply rewarding...

Awqaf is a voluntary act of charity that comes under the general terms of Sadaqah and Infaq.

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